Process optimisation due through recipe flow weigh belts

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Do you have wishes for your transport department? Whether it concerns the transport of bulk goods, the supply of your machine or the removal of a product. Together with you we streamline your logistics process. In addition to our standard production lines, we offer especially customized solutions.

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One of our solution options is weighing belts, these are conveyor belts equipped with a weighing system for the maximum accurate weighing of your product. These weighing belts can be used in special circumstances, for example in a very cold or hot environment.
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Optimize your production process with a custom weighing belt, you can be sure that your production process will be optimized. All our transport systems meet the high hygiene and safety requirements, are easy to clean, low maintenance and ergonomic.

“By using Feltracon recipe flow weigh belts we are achieving a maximum capacity and continuous process for all our mixed salad products. It is a product saving and a real optimization of labour. The supermarkets are very satisfied with the continuity at all seasons of mixture and taste!”

Drying of salads by FE centrifuges

Project: Drying of salad by FE centrifuges

“The FE centrifuges are our multi-functional driers for all kind of stir fry and leafy products. Specially the FE1020 is great behind our leafy line. It is an improvement of our quality and shelf life. Great craftsmanship.”


Low fat vegetable crisps while maintaining
natural product colour

Low fat vegetable crisps while maintaining natural product colour Feltracon
“Absolutely the latest and unique development in frying of veggy crisps! Crispy bite and such a lovely natural colour and taste of all fried vegetables.”
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Feltracon develops innovative machines for the food processing industry, from standalone solutions to complete production lines. We will take care of everything, from engineering to commissioning, anywhere in the world.


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